About Us

For almost 20 years now the people behind Magellan Coffee Company has been continuously raising the standards of coffee consumption in the Philippines. What started as a service provider in 2003 Magellan Coffee is now one of the leading coffee suppliers in the market offering both commercial and specialty coffees. To this date we are supplying the coffee requirements of the foodservice and the HORECA market  with some of the major players in its list of clientele.

Through our slogan  “Explore The World Through Coffee” we have brought in different origins and varieties for our consumers to appreciate.  We have also promoted the use of Philippine origin coffee and supported local farmer groups and traders.

Our MISSION is to constantly raise the bar of our coffee supply to the marketplace through best practices in quality and pricing. We seek to establish the highest standards in storage, roasting, grinding, blending and packaging ensuring that freshness is maintained in all areas of the production process. We are also working with major coffee trading houses to avail of the most competitive supply of green beans.

Our VISION is to see more people embracing the coffee lifestyle and help coffee farmers improve their way of life. With a strong coffee culture the benefits from consumer demand will flow back to the supply chain and ultimately the farmers will be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

This is why we do what we do and we are committed to doing and being the best!