Indonesia Arabica



Indonesia Arabica is known for their full-bodied, rich taste and vibrant yet low-toned and gentle acidity, and long finish/aftertaste. Some Indonesian coffees are quite earthy in flavour, a quality loved by some people but overpowering to others and take some getting used to, to be fully appreciated.



Indonesia was the fourth largest producer of coffee in the world in 2014. Coffee in Indonesia began with its colonial history, and has played an important part in the growth of the country. Indonesia is located within an ideal geography for coffee plantations, near the equator and with numerous mountainous regions across the islands, creating well suited micro-climates for the growth and production of coffee.



The micro-climate is ideal for growth and production of coffee, resulting in its rich, full body, and mild acidity coffee. It has achieved international appeal with its distinctive taste depending on the region in which it is planted as the specific soil type, altitude, coffee variety, processing, and aging affects its characteristics.

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